Monday, October 6, 2014

Tareas de Vocabulario - Fiesta en Familia

After seeing and hearing about Task Cards for vocabulary, my students and I tried our hand with this creative method. Our topic was "Family Celebrations," and different levels of study had different quantity or difficulty of vocabulary words. Tasks were also distinct in that some required markers and paper, and others required digital tools and apps. The students, however, were gracious for the opportunity to choose a task of their liking.

Here are some samples of what my students produced:

Haiku Deck (cards were later used for CandyLand adaptation game):

Luciano (6)

Fiesta - Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

Interactive Book on Tiny Tap:

PuppetPals video

BuddyPoke video

Kahoot game

Popplet - mindmapping, graphic organizer

Quizlet by (Ali-7)  -

Crossword Puzzle (made with Discovery free puzzlemaker)

...and many more!  

If you would like a copy of my Task Cards (which include both digital tasks as well as pen-and-paper tasks,) you can download them for free here:

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