Sunday, October 25, 2015

Halloween, Pumpkins, Sugar Skulls...oh my!

It is the end of October, and also, this is one of my favorite seasons to be a Spanish teacher! There are so many resources and fun cultural topics to discuss with students. Let go of the reins, and support students as they explore topics and have fun with videos as well as produce their own creations. Don't forget to learn and share with us! Gracias, y ¡nos compartimos pronto! 


Cinco Calabazas song (emotions vocabulary):

Spanish 1 Project - 6th grade example:

Watch “The Last Call” video made by students in Spain learning English:

Día de los Muertos:

I'd like to share this Haiku Deck with you. 
"El Día de los Muertos":

Ringling Film School students produce video short (AWESOME!):

Another fave video: Viva Calaca!

(My students always LOVED both the above videos.)

Six-minute video-live footage 2010:

Great Activity Sheet with various elements:

Don’t forget to incorporate the Task Cards I sent previously, and have the students create study items! 

Have a great week!!!! 

Saludos, Fran 

El Día de los Muertos - Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires