Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Halloween ... in Spain? Definitely, through a global project!

Working with Colegio Decroly in Spain is certainly a TREAT! Inés and I were discussing our own individual lesson plans with the other, and after brainstorming a little bit, we came up with a cross-over lesson. My lesson plans for the next month (Grades 6, 7, 8: Spanish 1H, 2H) included the following: 
Focus Lenses: Relationships, Connections
Cultural: Hispanic Heritage Month
Grammar: Imperfect tense, tener, gustar, possessive adjectives
Vocabulary: The Family, “Fiesta en Familia,” “Memories from the Past”

My students were going to be practicing using the past tenses in Spanish with a focus on the Imperfect tense, and we were researching a bit about Latin-American holidays. We also discussed American family celebrations and traditions. So, as part of our exchange, all my Middle School students created a presentation to showcase what they do, or what they used to do, to celebrate Halloween. After uploading projects to Schoology, students additionally uploaded them to Edmodo to share with their Spanish counterparts.

Then, our Spanish counterparts watched our presentations and commented on Edmodo; later they prepared their own adaptation celebration of Halloween at their school. (Remember, typically Halloween is not celebrated in Spain.) The Colegio Decroly students wrote, acted, and produced original horror films in English, as well as hosted an official schoolwide Halloween party (festooned with decorations and awesome homemade typical food, drinks and treats). At their party, they watched the horror films, which were later uploaded to the C.D. class website, so that the U.S. students could watch their films and enjoy. Of course, they were AMAZING, and these students commented their praise, comments and questions on Edmodo.

U.S. Students send their interpretations to Spain:

Trevor (6):

Spain students create horror films and share with U.S. Students:

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