Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Recursos - Los Días Festivos

Here are some simple resources with which to celebrate the holidays during your classes. Items can be used as part of "centers."
Feel free to share!

Los Días Festivos:

Introduce vocabulary to students with my Haiku Deck:

Center 1:
Print out & laminate to make "Memory Game" cards:

Center 2:
Play "La Tierra de Dulces" game to encourage students to practice new vocabulary. Use multi-color die to roll the color (bought from Carlex) and have students move to that color. Next, have students draw (pre-made slips of paper with vocab words written upon them) from a "cup."Students translate vocabulary word from English to Spanish. If correct, move ahead one space, and if incorrect, move back one space. First person to reach "la Salida" wins the game.

Creation Process:

Using the Haiku Deck app and its beautiful selection of professional artistic photography, I created vocabulary slides for my vocabulary word set. Next, using the iPad camera, I took screenshots of each of the Haiku Deck slides, so that I could create the visual study cards. Next, within the Notability app, I created a document that contained these screeenshot images, which I later printed on card stock and then laminated.

Second, using foam board, I created a Spanish version of the Candyland Game. The beginning space was named "Entrada" and the ending space was named "Salida." I printed a copy of the vocabulary words on paper, cut them apart, and then placed them in a cup from which the students can "draw."

(Carlex resource: