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Fran Siracusa

M.Ed., Educational Technology 

Fran, a classroom Spanish teacher for over 20 years, earned her M.Ed. in Educational Technology in 2012.  Currently, as the co-founder of Calliope Global, she supports educational teams in meeting the diverse needs of today’s students who will be well-equipped players in the global and creative workforce of the future.  Her passions are student-centered learning, global projects, World Language study, sustainable development and social good.  Having managed a 1:1 middle school iPad program as an early adopter, Fran creates unique opportunities for teachers and students to develop a culture of innovation through the incorporation of digital technologies and sustainable global partnerships.

Fran particularly enjoys connecting with educational stakeholders in order to authentically improve the educational landscape.  She shares her expertise and experience through teaching, speaking, and professionally writing for educational magazines and blogs.  Most recently, she has presented at FFLA, GEF, ECG, ISTE, ST4T, ECGC16, FETC, K12 Online Conference, SCOLT, FLENEF, ACTFL, FCIS, EdSurge Summit and GEC.  Having recently accepted the position of Education Strategist for Monster Math by Makkajai, Fran is an evangelist for "Fun Math" and gamification in the K-5 classroom.  In addition, she is the co-founder of EdCamp Tampa Bay and Conquistadors Connect. Finally, Fran happily promotes educational excellence by serving as an Edutopia guest blogger, a Buncee ambassador, a Kahoot! founding ambassador,  an EdSpeaker, and an organizer for Edcamp NABSE.  Please connect with her on Twitter: @ProfeEdTech

Most Recent Publications and Interviews

Buncee blog: Global Action with Fran Siracusa
K12 Online Conference: Sharing Stories of Connection

#catalyst: Global Projects & Activities to connect with the world
EdcampGlobal - click here for Fran's interactions July 2016
#postitwars Global Classroom Challenge:   https://padlet.com/fransiracusa1/postitwar_classrooms
Our Blue Earth initiative - assisting #MatoneDeChiwit
​March Math Madness event - in conjunction with Makkajai & Monster Math
Global Kahoot! Game & presentation during #EdcampGlobalClassrooms2016
Virtual Postcard Project: ​https://padlet.com/fransiracusa1/Holiday_virtualpostcard
#CalliopeConnected: my EdTech videos
Library Makerspace: interview @elaine_deja https://vimeo.com/164122927
Global Kahoot: https://youtu.be/kw_iXIiMjas
Conquistadors Connect - USA/Spain immersion experience: https://youtu.be/alrRdX9ivt4
Me presento (Spanish): https://youtu.be/djgmzysA_d8
ISTE 2014 - Ignite Session 3 (Global Connection with Apps: Talk it up): https://youtu.be/kMomeIAkkXE ​

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