Global Education Initiatives


This year, I was very blessed and honored to organize and participate in various activities, projects, events and movements in the educational sphere. 

#postitwars Global Classroom Challenge

Our Blue Earth initiative
-support of Matone de Chiwit & its founder Karishma Bhagani (in conjunction with Earth Day)

Homestay - Becca Shepherd

Connections-Based Learning cohort with Sean Robinson

March Math Madness event, coordinated with Makkajai

Connected Convos PD educator group 

Catholic Schools Week - global Kahoot! activity

EdCamp Global Classrooms - organizer 
The Games We Play...Globally - activity, collaboration, & presentation (EdCamp Global Classrooms)

Holiday Postcard Project - co-founder

EdCamp Tampa Bay - co-founder & organizer

Caine's Arcade - St. Cecelia School

The License Plate Project - global collaboration (winner of FFLA Outstanding Video award 2015)

Classroom Design on a Dime - 5th grade classroom renovation - learning space design 

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