Thursday, September 1, 2016

Telling Time in Spanish...and a great web 2.0 tool: Educreations

It has been a long time since I created a new learning digital artifact. But, since my 6th grade son needed a little help in Spanish class, I decided to give him a lesson, and record it at the same time, in case any of his friends or peers also needed a review or different perspective of that particular lesson.

I love my iPad, and especially how seamless the device is when it comes to mashing images, video, and voice. I always preach to educators that I meet at conferences and get-togethers how important and dynamic of a tool the one little iPad can be. Believe me, I love my laptop, but creation-wise, I am absolutely smitten with the iPad! 

So, before starting the Educreations video recording, I went on Safari on my iPad and grabbed an image, which I saved to my Camera Roll by pressing the image once. Next, after clicking on the + sign, and opening a blank slate, I added the image, and wrote the title of the video. Next, I clicked record, and spent the next 10 minutes teaching my son the lesson, listening for his responses, and taking notes in different colors the whole time. At the end, after clicking the red microphone (as in to finish), I saved the project as a public file on the Educreations site. 

If I want to export the video further, I would have to pay an upgrade fee. I do not feel that is necessary, as the Educreations application gives me an option to copy the link or even to embed my video. 

See my completed artifact below. Hopefully, you can use this as an example to "spread the learning," especially in the case of an absent student who may need to catch up with a lesson he missed during class, or a student who perhaps wishes to "rewind" a lesson so he can slowly absorb the material without the pressure of time constraints.

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Gracias, and hope to connect again with you soon! 

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