Friday, June 13, 2014

Facilitation of student learning and creativity in the Spanish classroom in 2014

Powerful learning took place this school year inside and outside of my Spanish classroom! My students amaze me each and every day, and I could not be more proud of them. They have learned so much in Spanish, and I have learned so much from them. Their creativity and energy inspire me! Here is a glimpse of the phenomenal work they completed and accomplished:

--"Farewell to Seniors" Auras activity with the Aurasma app (accuracy in switching between three tenses plus formal command form) - Students wrote 3 sentences about their assigned "senior," and then offered him/her a piece of advice using Formal Commands. May 2014
     Step 1:  Create Aurasma overlay
      Step 2: Shoot film to use as "aura."
       Step 3: "Follow" the student on Aurasma by entering the student's name.
      Step 4: Scan the trigger image overlay, and watch the item turn into a video.
     Step 5: Share with friends, and help them find your aura!


--"Top Chef" Recipe Project with the iMovie app (using Formal Commands) April 2014

--"DalĂ­ inspired Surrealist Art" digital paintings and museum labels with the Brushes and Pages apps (Spanish history, geography, art and culture) May 2014

--Celebration of Learning 2014, Middle School Spanish course students showcase their work.

--Padlet activity (Future Tense practice) - completed and shared in one class period April 2014
      -8th grade

-7th grade

--Spain or Largo Trip Summary (written & oral communication, using the preterite tense) April 2014

 --Global Happiness Project (written, oral and visual presentation, using the GarageBand, iMovie, Keynote, Haiku Deck, Skype and Google Docs apps)     January-May 2014
Watch video at this link:


--"Washington, DC Monument Docent"  (preterite tense)  November 2013


--"When I was a Child" (imperfect tense)  April 2013

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