Monday, February 3, 2014

Mystery Skype with Sevilla (Valencina de la Concepción)

Global learning always extends past classroom walls for our World School students. These photos were captured Wednesday, January 29, during the World Languages/Inquiry block. 

These 7th grade students conducted their first "Mystery Skype." During Spanish class, our students met new mystery friends online. They asked them questions in Spanish and then used Google Earth to try to pinpoint their location. At the same time, our Spanish-speaking friends asked us questions in English, trying to figure out where we were located.
--Our most common foods are ham, potato omelette, and paella.
--Our town celebrates two major festivals in April. 
--We particular have something to do with "romería" and Torrijos.

Following the clues, our students soon found that their new friends were in a town located 6 km outside Seville, Spain! We hope to continue to work with students at the "Fun English for You" private school.

Our 6th & 8th grade students are keeping equally busy, as they have been working on their "Geography Travel Presentations." This week, 6th and 8th grade students started presenting their Europe and Asia Travel Presentations. If you are interested in traveling abroad, these students are the ones to ask!

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