Saturday, June 14, 2014

Favorite New Apps for the World Language (& others too) Classroom

Integrating Technology to Enhance WL learning:

My all-time favorite apps for the WL classroom:

Notability app
Nearpod app
Keynote app
Haiku Deck app
iMovie app
Google Drive app (Google docs for synchronous & collaborative work)
VoiceThread app
Skype app
Google Earth app
GarageBand app

Instant Player vs. Player game (it reminds me of Trivia Boxes at local bars):

Finding/Creating Digital Imagery:
Haiku Deck app
Flickr app
Word Collage / Word Cloud / TagCloud apps
Fotobabble app
Face in Hole apps
Brushes app

Creativity & Productivity with Video:
iMovie app (or using iMovie trailers)
iMotion HD
BuddyPoke app
Puppet Pals HD
Sock Puppet

Voice Recording:
GarageBand app
ooVoo app
Voice Changer app
Voxer Walkie-Talkie app

Google Drive app
Dropbox app
Shutterfly (for pictures)
Schoology (LMS)

Goggle Docs (app)
Aurasma app
Duolingo app
Cat Spanish app
BrainPop EspaƱol
Book Creator

For more related ideas, please see this article in Edutopia written by Vicki Davis:

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